Sunday, 14 November 2010

Seriously?! Come on Clegg?!!!

They planned u-turn on tution fees all along?
There is only one conclusion to be made from this: The Liberal Democrats openly lied, consciously betrayed and still don't have the balls to admit it...    Tzzeeech Politicians!
What was Cleggs defense to evidence he always planned to back stab his supporters?
"I just didn't know, of course, before we came into government, quite what the state of the finances were."
At least give us the truth: you went into power with the Tory's to get power and influence (which may be in your opinion for the greater good) and in order to do that you had to accept their crusade on debt! It was clear what the state of the finances were, everyone knew! What to know what it is: there not that hard to find out is it Clegg?
Politicians have always deceived and tricked but to out right lie, so severely and in so many calculated numbers as the Lib-Dems do now it makes you wonder about what kind of democracy we live in?

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