Thursday, 30 December 2010

BUS WARS: Chapter 1: The city of Preston

Preston is a city with a strange affilation to buses! There have been in the past year many wars fought between companies, politicains, citizens and government bodies over the simple mater of buses. 
Preston is home to one of the worlds largest bus stations which has been the focal point of the 'tithebarn project' a plan to redevelope the city. The iconic Preston bus station is loved and hated by many and its disition to be torn down has caused much debate amoung citizens of Preston.

That is another tale which can be read here

Yet Preston Bus station has been the scene of an other war, a battle between a small local firm known as Preston Bus Plc and the national bus giant stage coach. What seemed at first a battle between two firms soon became a war of legislation and law as the Competition Competion fought with Stage Coach for the fate of Prestons bus services. 

The routes covered by Preston Bus PLC

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