Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vote No to AV campaign Parody.

When you go to vote on the 5th of may, make sure you vote NO to AV
Why you ask?

Well here is why:

There are only a few countries that use AV, Indonesia and Austral the only ones worth mentioning and those countries are rubbish. People in these countries don't even like AV (source: ....) we should listen to them.

AV could lead to smaller parties having more political power as it leads to a voting system that better reflects what people actually want! We can't have that! Can imagine those small parties like the Greens getting into a position of power or the BNP! Do you want the Nazi’s to win? NO then vote NO.

Nick Clegg thinks AV is a good idea; he is a big liar and knows nothing. We all hate deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg so AV must be evil too! That logic is undeniable.

Vote No to AV is a cross party organization of all British politicians:  Mainly Tory’s but they are all that count oh and look a Labour Peer and these guys...

If your looking for some of the many credible reasons not to vote AV try looking on the internet..

An accurate and fair advert for AV
The vote No to AV campaign: because personal jibes on your allies and childish reasoning is how to get your message across. 

Vote No to AV campaign is cross political movement.. funded by the Tory donor alliance


  1. Vote Yes, go on, do it.

  2. Also, vote Tories in your local elections!

  3. vote what you think is best :-) Personally I prefer AV, this post is more about how bad the no to AV campaign is :-P