Monday, 18 October 2010

Labour gathering attack plan

The fall of the Old (New) Labour

Having been truly beaten in the 2010 elections, Gordon Brown and New (now Old New labour?) Labour seemed well and truly down and out, from an outside perspective it seemed the Labour party was in ruins. The media had pinned the Credit Crunch on them and much more, they had been well and truly turned scapegoat.
On the other hand, the country is now in the hands of the double team of the sometimes annoying yet undeniably charismatic Clegg and Cameron (CC for short). It seemed the Conservatives and the liberal democrats had come up trumps. The Conservative party had wrestled back control of country after 13 years and the Lib dems had more power than they had had in officially ever! Although now it seems quite the contrary the coalition (or collision as I keep miss spelling it) is being brought back to reality as are voters and after a fiery yet civilized leadership contest Labour are gaining strength in the back ground to come back strong. Allow me to explain.

The Poison Chalice
The debt is spoken of as a time bomb but in fact the whole government is now ticking down to disaster, I would not go as far as saying that the Con-Dem government has inherited a poison chalice, it was all a set up.
The Conservative Government in its ethos was bound to execute harsh cut backs and try to slash back the bloated public sector, which is no bad thing. However in a very uneasy economic recovery it’s a recipe for double-dip recession and causing a recession is the best way to shatter voter trust.
I’ve been asking myself what exactly the change is? “Change” “New Politics” New conservite? So far its looks like benefit cuts, public services depleted and increases in regressive taxes (VAT), classic Tory stereotype? There’s already a sense of discontent at the fact the banks and top end of the income scale seem to have escaped, this is only likely to fuel this and maybe pin point it at the conservitive party. As for the Lib Dems they were all too easy to enter into a coalition that does not fit. Liberal Democrats: Center- Left Conservative: Right. Granted there is some policy over laps but how many policy are been implemented behind the Con-dem banner that are polar opposite to Lib Dem philosophy. How can a party that not long ago wanted to abolish tuition fees now sit in Government with a party tripling them? I don’t know, but maybe the answer is no. The political system allows a backbench rebellion and the growing detachment between the top of the party and the bulk of it is clear to see.

The New Labour that is in fact the Old Labour but now new.
Either way you want to look at it the Labour party is now very different, they have sheded Brown and move on with the past stigmas left behind with him. The Labour party are looking like they will come back strong and they have two plans for it.

Plan A – Milliband Number One

Ed Miliband is leading labour down his own path, old system yet new labour. Building his shadow cabinet from Alan Johnson, Harriet Hardman and Ed Balls Ed’s Labour party is seems to be portraying a more credible image.
The Labour party is now talking about the new generation; they talk about reforms and youths.
This is very cleaver, as I mentioned in another article it’s the young that are being hurt but not only this but it’s the young that are lost in politics. Many that were swept up by the Lib Dem ideals now find them selves ‘unclaimed’ by a party as they loose faith with the Lib Dem due to the coalition with the Tories. The young are the future voters and it’s a long-term investment to target them epically when the next election is a long way away. Also the idea of reform and being ‘true’ reformers is a knife in the back of the Liberal Democrats that said they were to bring reform and are yet to deliver. The labour party is trying to soak up the lost voters, detracting from the past bringing back those that left and stealing voters from the other parties.

Plan B – Miliband Mark Two?

What happens if Ed’s plans don’t work? Labour has a second chance, a life. They can bring in David Miliband. If all goes wrong David can return to try again for labour and all remains of New Labour can be gathered together to create new new labour! The Labour party has an attack plan and a back up, while the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives struggle with the debt and the economy! The party out of power is the party in the best position at this time.

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