Monday, 25 October 2010

Mini Skirts sparking a surprising philosophical debate

Italian city banning certain forms of 'inapproprate' clothing.. In particular mini skirts because it says it is indecent. ringing any alarm bells? Far right resricting freedoms maybe.

When we get cultural crack downs it is the first step on the dangerous road, its a slippery slope and telling people what they can and can't wear on their own body can become telling people what they can and can't do or who can and can't live.
Decently laws are considered important to maintain society as we know it but tightening them is alarming considering the trend of restricting freedoms we already have, for example controlling the internet.
The debate is hard, just as we argue over wether the government should intervene in the free market, how far should they intervene in society. Laws are a good thing but too many laws can be even worse than none.
Should laws protect everyone equally or protect the powerful?
How far do laws go before they restrict our rights?
If we police the internet we can prevent disgraceful crimes such as child pornography but it can go too far and nations in China police it to the extent that you can't express opinion against the government.

The reason all of this concerns me is that we have an increasing rise in the far right in Europe and in the UK we have problems such as fixed terms for Government lasting 5 years! A well meaning policy can start a landslide that eventually crushes freedoms and provides the bedrock for a dictators palace.

That skirt is far to short, go back to Rome and change.

Banning Miniskirts:

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