Thursday, 28 October 2010

Boris VS Cameron

First Strike
One would not really expect the Conservitvie Mayor of London and leading Conservitive figure to attack a Conservative lead coalition on the subject of cutting benefits, but this is Boris Johnson. Boris claimed there was a 'kosovo-style social cleansing' of London referring to the possibility of  82,000 households being evicted under the new spending cuts. 
His voice joins the Lib-dems that are already mounting pressure on the top of the coalition to re-think their plans to cut
It could be a carefully planned political move, if Boris distances himself from the coalition he labelled himself 'hero' of the poor succoring his place as mayor of London. Its also a good Mr Johnson is also differentiating him from David Cameron, which could come in handy if he is involved in a Conservative leadership contest in future, which is likely. 
crusader of the poor

Return fire
Downing street didn't hesitate to fire back. Boris Johnson recieved heavy critism from the top, his claims being dismissed. Infact Boris retracked his statements to a degree saying they were 'taken out of context'. Dispite this who knows if Boris and Daves relationship will see any more bumps in the near future.

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