Thursday, 21 October 2010

Personal thoughts on the spending review

The spending review is something that many people have judgements on.. here are my immediate views:
Infuriating as an economist, I believe this will send us into a double-dip recession. Although I am hoping it will test some theories such as: crowding out and the Keynesian macro theory.
As a student this budget fears me, it seems we are being hit very hard. Paying more for tuition fees scares me. Increases in VAT will hit me hard too as most of my disposable income is on goods faced by this tax levy. I'm also worried about opportunities in the future and feel persecuted.

I was once swaying strongly towards Lib-dem policy/philosophy  but now i find myself lost. Although given the choice i’d still probably say I was closest to Lib-dems (I am a fan of Vince Cable at the moment) but my opinions of Nick Clegg and others like Danny Alexander have fallen significantly, mainly for them totally flipping on 99% of their policies and promises and not having the stomach to admit it

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